Worlds Most Popular Destinations

Amazing cities like Sidney, Australia and Barcelona, Spain. Romantic cities such as Paris, France to Rome Italy. Cities filled with excitement like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Hong Kong, China. And of course cities with long-standing culture and tradition such as Tokyo, Japan, and London, England. 

They're all here, they're all ready and waiting for your arrival. Take a look, catch a plane and enjoy your journey!




Food, Food and more food awaits you in the streets of Paris. France, in general, has always had a reputation for rich and delightful dishes of a wide variety. The French take much pride in their food, the way it is prepared, the way it is paired and the way it is delivered. No matter where you go in Paris the food will keep a smile in your tummy. Of course no one should visit Paris without a trip to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the world-famous Louvre. These are on pretty much every visitor of Paris must-see list and so they should be.

There is also a remarkable culture in this breathtaking city.


Guests are in a continuous state of awe as they journey from one area to another here.

Contrary to what many Americans believe the French people welcome you with open arms. Many of them are willing to direct you to local restaurants, shopping areas and places where you will find their historic treasures. Enjoy and embrace the people and the culture of this incredible city and your experience in Paris will be like no other, we assure you. By the way, did we mention the unique and incredible food?




Just a few hours’ flight from much of the United States, Costa Rica has always been an attractive destination for travelers seeking surf and biological diversity. A true nature lover's paradise, this Central American nation offers 800 miles of shoreline and vast stretches of protected rain forest and reserves


Visitors enjoy lovely tropical beaches, grand adventures, the wonders of nature, and scintillating culture; all the necessary components of an ideal vacation. No wonder, thousands have made Costa Rica their top travel choice!


Here you will find plenty of exhilarating activities taking place in the greenest habitat and surrounded by exotic wildlife. A paradise for those who look for something different, a visit to Costa Rica provides a new life experience for all. In Costa Rica visitors will find everything they are looking for: adventure, sun, beaches, forest, wildlife and wellness, and much more. Plan your trip here




There is no place, absolutely no place on this amazing planet like Las Vegas. This amazing city explodes with the very finest food, top-rated luxury resort hotels, the most ostentatious casinos, and every type of art imaginable; and of course the hottest talent anywhere. Las Vegas is certainly the city that never sleeps and often visitors acquiesce.

For guests of Vegas there is never enough time (and for gamblers never enough money). Las Vegas is undisputedly the entertainment capital of the world and has featured everyone major entertainer; from Sinatra and Sammy, to Dean and Jerry, from Elvis to Elton; from Prince and Madonna to Penn & Teller; Vegas has been home to all stars.

When it comes to architecture the variety (and quality) is unrivaled. Some of the world’s most amazing (and astonishing) casinos, resorts, condos and homes just happen to be in Vegas (see the architecture of Las Vegas). If you are an art aficionado Las Vegas is once again the place for you. Vegas can certainly boast one of the world’s largest collections of art and if variety is essential, the art diversity that Vegas offers is significant (see Las Vegas’ top art museums and galleries).

Culinary enthusiasts boast that Vegas is like a gastronomic heaven; from sushi to steak, from old-world to the latest culinary trends; Vegas delivers.  If you love good food Vegas always has something waiting to satisfy your appetite.

Plus, Vegas delivers world-renowned shopping, outstanding site-seeing and a myriad of other fun and interesting things to do.




Americans rave after their visits to Sydney. With history, countryside beauty and generous hospitality this is a marvelous place to visit. The Sydney Opera House is simply spectacular. It is an architectural gem that anyone would appreciate. While you’re in Sydney remember that the views for the Sydney Tower Eye observatory are like no other. Allow plenty of time to enjoy your time overlooking the beautiful city.

Also remember that the people of Sydney always seem to take the time to assist tourists in finding Sydney’s best attractions and experiences. In fact, just visiting with the people of Sydney make the entire trip worth going. Check out more on Australia 




When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Take the time to appreciate all that Rome has to offer its residents and visitors. Rome happens to be another fantastic city where you can marvel at the architecture, shop in open-air markets and experience an abundance of diverse culinary delights. There is so much to see in Rome that you will feel that you had to leave to early regardless of how long you stay. Make sure you visit the Colosseum first and foremost, also enjoy the Trevi Fountain and spend a day shopping at Via Veneto. And again, make sure you enjoy the gastronomic treats that are everywhere in Rome.

Allow yourself plenty of time to see all of the sites and find the hidden treasures that make Rome such a special place. Split your time and see Rome in its entirety… or as the Romans say- divide and conquer!




South Africa is one of the continent's best safari destinations, offering the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) and more in accessible parks and reserves. You can drive right into the epic wilderness at Kruger, Kgalagadi and other parks, or join khaki-clad rangers on guided drives and walks. But it's not all about big-game sightings – wildlife watching here also teaches you to enjoy the little things: a leopard tortoise ambling alongside the road, a go-away bird chirping its distinctive chant in the trees, or an encounter with seals, whales or a great white shark along the coast.

South Africa's ever-changing scenery is the perfect canvas on which to paint an activity-packed trip. Try rock climbing in the craggy Cederberg, surfing off the Eastern Cape coast, abseiling from Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain, bungee jumping from the Garden Route's Bloukrans Bridge, or swinging into Graskop Gorge. If adrenaline sports aren't your thing, opt instead for a hike: options include multi-day treks through wildlife reserves, dusty day walks in the Karoo semidesert, 'slackpacking' trails along the Cape coast, or an overnight hike into the sometimes snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg. Plan your amazing trip here!




Barcelona is a world within itself. The landscapes and the architecture are so unique that they mesmerize visitors during their entire stay. There is so much to see that you feel as though you cannot ever take it all in.


While there must-sees include Gaudí’s Church of the Sacred Family, Park Güell and of course Las Ramblas where you will continuously be entertained by street performers that move throughout the city sidewalks and help create an atmosphere that is unforgettable.




Buckingham Palace, the crown jewels, Camden Market, there’s so much culture and so many interesting things to do in London that it makes our list as one of the premier international destinations. Art, fabulous food, amazing architecture and an ever interesting history combine together to make this fabulous place one of our favorites on the planet.

Maybe the most interesting part of a visit to London is strolling through the tight alleys and roads in the heart of London where pubs, hotels and local businesses are so tightly crammed together that it seems as though you couldn’t squeeze the Queen herself down a side street. However, there is something that makes the experience quaint and quite enjoyable. If you decide to visit this historic city we suggest that you practice up on your British Slang… it may just come in handy, and Bob’s your uncle!




Another Asian prize is Bangkok where you find floating markets, majestic palaces and a rich culture that has seen it all. If you enjoy outside markets or unique shopping adventures Pratunam is a must see (or must shop). If you prefer to relax Bangkok offers a myriad of peaceful gardens and unique art as well as historic sites that guests rave about.


Also recommended is a visit to Thon Buri , the home of the magnificent Wat Arun temple. Another amazing temple, the Wat Pho is located in the scenic area of Phra Nakhon. These are just a few reasons that Bangkok makes our list of Top 10 International Destinations




There is no place on earth like Dubai. Many of its visitors refer to it as a cosmopolitan oasis, with futuristic cityscape that tower over the Arabian Desert. When you visit expect to be wowed by extremes. Dubai has the world’s largest dancing fountain; it is home to the tallest building on earth (Burj Khalifa); a 7-star hotel (the Burj al-Arab); and the largest artificial islands (the Palm Islands) on the planet… which are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The intention of Dubai developers was to ensure that visitors would always return for more, greater, bigger and better. And they have certainly accomplished their goal.




Hustle and bustle meets calm and serene. If you like contrasting experiences then Tokyo is the place for you. Old world tradition meets new pop culture head-on in this unique city. Wander the ancient temples then make your way to the latest Asian hip-hop bar.


Visit the bustling fish auction at the Tsukiji Market and afterward stroll through the peaceful and gorgeous East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. If you like sushi and sashimi you’ll certainly enjoy the culinary delights of Tokyo where you will find some of the freshest (and most unique) anywhere.




The smallest destination on our Top 10 List of Amazing International Places happens to be the island of Bora Bora. This tiny isle explodes with color and beauty; dormant volcanoes, lush tropical jungles and peaceful lagoons.


For those who prefer tropical foliage and sparkling warm waters over stone architecture and the hustle and bustle of shopping and site seeing; for those who would rather bask in the sun with a tropical breeze caressing your face than visiting art museums and history centers, then you will certainly appreciate the beauty and serenity of this magnificent island. Learn More




Just in case you’ve visited the other International Hotspots we added the always interesting, always colorful, Hong Kong. This vibrant and exciting city in southeastern China is densely populated and filled with a skyline of towering buildings. Expect to see a very traditional Chinese architecture in this exceptional city that was at one time a British colony. Visitors always experience an upbeat food scene and most of them get an opportunity to please their palettes with the famous Cantonese dim sum, a dish that every visitor must try. Must sees include: the architecture of Ngong Ping village, the astonishing views from the top of Victoria Peak and the Temple Street Night Market. All of this in combination with countless other views, tastes, architecture and experiences make Bangkok aTop International Destination.