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By Land Photo Excursions, Tours, Classes & Workshops

May We Suggest

Valley Of Fire- Overton, Nevada U.S.A.

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Valley of Fire State Park, covering an area of almost 42,000 acres, is the oldest and largest state park in Nevada, and was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1968. It derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs. These features, which are the centerpiece of the park’s attractions, often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays.

The displays, at the Lost City Museum, of pottery, baskets, arrowheads, tools, mystical ancient Indian petroglyphs and pictographs, authentic Pueblos, and other priceless artifacts are a wonderful sight to see. This combination tour of early Native American life is truly the Jewel of the American Southwest and a photographer’s dream come true. You will be moved to your soul on this spiritual and wonder filled adventure.

The abundance of stunning rock formations and Indian art (Petroglyphs and Pictographs) are incredible. This journey back 3000 years in time is a must see when visiting Las Vegas. Discover the Great Anasazi “Lost City” Museum which is built over (to protect) the foundations of ancient Anasazi Pueblo ruins. The displays of pottery, baskets, arrowheads, tools, mystical ancient Indian Petroglyphs & Pictographs, authentic Pueblos and other priceless artifacts are wonderful. This tour of early Native American life is truly the Jewel of the American Southwest and a photographers dream come true. You will be moved to your soul on this spiritual and wonder-filled adventure.

Something On The Wild Side

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Africa abounds with incredible sights, from soaring sand dunes to savannas teeming with wildlife. Experience the continent’s many wonders with our experts on trips to Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Morocco, and other destinations. Witness the annual wildebeest migration on safari in the Serengeti, or explore the sun-washed cities of Morocco through your camera lens. In South Africa, spot lions, elephants, giraffes, and more on a thrilling family safari. At any given time we have about 34 expeditions available all over the world!

May We Suggest

A Photo Safari At Londolozi

 A Luxury Private Game Reserve

Londolozi is one of South Africa’s original private game reserves. A pillar of global ecotourism and a proud family-run business, Londolozi is a beacon of light for many. The word Londolozicomes from a Zulu word and means ‘Protector Of All Living Things’. Our name reflects the ambitious conservation ethic in our relationship with the natural world. The reserve has been lauded internationally for its foresight and progressive land and wildlife management practices, as well as its productive community involvement.

Our emphasis on conservation and a village ethos stands alongside a commitment to luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and exceptional service. In 1993, Londolozi became the first game reserve in the world to be accorded with Relais & Châteaux status.

Londolozi is situated on the banks of the Sand River, in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve within the Greater Kruger National Park. Going on safari at Londolozi allows you to have an exclusive and luxurious experience of the area.



There are many ways to take advantage of this incredible location. 

Londolozi is the home of the photographic safari and has long been recognized as a superb location for wildlife photography, specializing in the big cats. Incredible light, diverse scenery and a plethora of African wildlife set the stage for unsurpassed photographic theatre.



The Private Vehicle

For the photographic veteran, or anyone who is looking for privacy while on a game drive, wanting a vehicle entirely to themselves. 

A private safari vehicle can be reserved for individuals and families. A dedicated Ranger and Tracker team will focus on tailoring the safari experience around the guest’s specific needs and interests (e.g. birding, botany, big cats, photography etc.). This is ideal for experienced safari-goers or those who enjoy a little more privacy.


  • One morning and one-afternoon game drive per day

  • A dedicated Ranger and Tracker team

*This photographic safari experience is limited to four guests per vehicle and for a minimum of two nights. This safari type must be booked prior to arrival.

The  Londolozi Wildlife Photographic Experience 

Perfect for beginner and enthusiast photographers who are wanting to make photography the main focus of their safari.  For this safari option, we will pair you with a photographic tutor who will assist you both in the field and in post-processing and editing.

Londolozi is known across the world as a destination which offers remarkable photographic wildlife opportunities and is the perfect place to learn and craft this incredible art form. 


  • A private safari vehicle 

  • A professional photographic tutor with advanced knowledge in: 

    • The camera & best settings 

    • Vehicle positioning 

    • Expertise in the use of light (especially low light conditions)

    • Post-processing & image organization

  • A dedicated Ranger and Tracker team focused on getting you into the best photographic positions possible

  • Full access to the Londolozi Photography Studio for post-processing and editing. 

  • This safari type must be requested and booked prior to arrival


Rent photographic equipment

The Photographic Studio offers guests the chance to rent a multitude of professional level photographic bodies, lenses and accessories. Gone are the days of lugging heavy camera gear around the world. Now it’s as simple as pre-booking your gear and finding it ready for use upon your arrival at the lodge.

First-time photographers can also try out the latest telephoto lens and body setups by requesting the equipment at the lodge. If you want to capture a close-up of a leopard in a tree, a fish eagle in flight or zebras grooming each other, the photographic studio has the right lens to get you the perfect shot.

To view our available rental equipment – Click Here


The Photographic Studio

The Photographic Studio- on location at Londolozi-  is very popular with Londolozi guests, who are able to direct and produce their own creative work. With tuition from a qualified Lightroom instructor, you can spend time between game drives editing and printing your best safari shots on wide-format canvas or high-quality photo paper, along with the final edited shots on a memory stick. 

Londolozi Photographic Studio at a Glance

  • Open daily (booking required)

  • Edit your images using Lightroom CC on the latest widescreen retina display iMacs - an incredible process that would enhance any wildlife photo

  • Print your personal images onto wide-format canvas or photo paper 

  • Take your edited shots with you on a memory stick