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Local & International Photo Tours By Air

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Our alliance with Maverick Helicopters® offers VIP-level service from various departure locations, including Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Maui, and Kauai, Hawaii. Our airline division, Maverick Airlines, departs from Henderson Executive Airport. Whether it's a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour, a flight above the Las Vegas Strip, or an airplane flight through the stunning Southwest, you are sure to experience a breathtaking tour of the most beautiful scenery in the Southwestern United States. Maverick Grand Canyon Tours offers the highest level of safety and service in the industry and has over 23 years' experience of making dreams come true!

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The Swiss Alps Or Alaska Photo Tour


ALPS SWITZERLAND -Exclusive Jungfraujoch trip by, helicopter and train, incl. hotel pick up. This fantastic day trip is a must during your stay in Switzerland. Very comfortable, we pick you up at your hotel. You make a helicopter flight with top views and experience the return journey with a train ride. Private tour and "best price per person" is if you book for 5 people. Despite the good weather, a flight can be canceled or postponed due to excessive wind or snowdrifts. In this case, the tour can still be made by train. 


ALASKA U.S.A. -This is one of our staff favorites because you have time to really experience the stunning beauty of the area. There are dozens of incredible high-alpine locations and glacier landing areas ideally suited for heli-hiking. Most of the locations have a view of at least one glacier, sometimes two or three! Depending on the weather, your specific interest, and your preference for a more leisurely hike or a steep scramble your guide suggests the best location. If you prefer, we can also land on top of a glacier and spend the time hiking around on the ice; a great way to get a unique insight in glaciers and all their ‘cool’ features.


Spectacular Views Via

A Hot Air Balloon Tour


ALPS SWITZERLAND -There’s nothing like gliding through the sky in a massive floating vessel while enjoying the sunrise—and perhaps a glass of champagne. Hot air balloon rides take the act of sightseeing to entirely new levels. These are some of the world’s top spots to soar. 


A well-known destination in the hot air ballooning community, Switzerland’s Château d’Oex was the launch site for the first world balloon tour in 1999. These days, the snow-dusted area welcomes an array of colorful balloons during the International Hot Air Balloon Festival each January. If you can’t make the winter balloon festival, you can experience the magic on an alpine ride over the Swiss Alps

NAPA VALLEY CALIFORNIA U.S.A. -What’s better than a tasting tour of Northern California’s wine country? Gliding over those rolling hills and vineyards in a hot air balloon, of course! There are many operators to choose from depending on your wants. We will make a balloon ride over the Napa Valley an extra special treat with the welcome addition of local sparkling wine.


SERENGETI, TANZANIA -Sure, you’d head to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park for a classic safari, but what if you want to get off the beaten Jeep track? Serengeti Balloon Safaris takes the experience to new heights by allowing ballooners to get deeper into the park and away from the regular roads to watch lions, hippos, and a slew of other wild animals interact in the most undisturbed way possible.